This Cop Pulls Over A Speeding Car. When He Realizes It Was His Friend, He Left This CHILLING Warning Instead Of A Ticket. WOW.

We hear stories about our friends and family getting pulled over and trying to talk their way out of tickets fairly regularly. Sometimes, they have a funny story that ends in laughter, and sometimes their attempts to flirt with the cop go terribly, terribly wrong. Most of the time, people walk away with a warning for things like broken tail lights or forgetting to put on a turn signal. It happens, and cops are usually pretty good at determining when someone is truly sorry and when someone just doesn’t want a ticket. This cop had no trouble figuring out what this guy was thinking…because they knew each other from church!


It wasn’t even ME who got pulled over, but I still felt a chill run down my spine when I read what this cop wrote on this warning! I will bet that this guy isĀ neverĀ going to speed ever again! When we break the speed limit, we aren’t thinking about anyone around us. We don’t care how bad the traffic is, who is walking down the sidewalk, or the safety of the other cars around us. We usually are only thinking about the place we’re trying to get to, be that home or a meeting or dinner with friends. We never think about the 6-year-old girl who loses her life due to someone “running late.”

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