This Concierge Hasn’t Missed A Day Of Work In Over Seven Years

This gorgeous cat has been the purrfect Director of Guest Relations at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City for over seven years. In fact, you may have seen her yourself if you’ve ever been! She loves to sit right up front to greet guests with a curious frown and a surprising legacy that spans nearly 100 years.

Back in 1930, a stray cat wandered into the hotel’s lobby and was welcomed with open arms. As sweet as could be, the cat became a respected figure and the hotel never went without a resident feline again.

They all carry the same names. The males were all named Hamlet, and the females were all named Matilda. This fluffy cat is Matilda the Third!She was dropped off in a box outside of the North Shore Animal League who knew almost instantly that she’d be perfect for the hotel. It didn’t take long for Matilda III to assume her rightful place as Queen, and she even has her own business cards!

But Matilda III’s reign is coming to an end. At 11 years old, she’s getting tired. One member of the hotel staff decided to adopt her and let her live out her golden years in peace and quiet.The hotel has already welcomed her successor, a new Hamlet, rescued from the streets. Soon, he will take over Matilda III’s duties and hopefully, it’ll be a match!

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