This Company PAYS Its Employees When They Rescue Stray Cats! Would You Work Here?

This company discovered that when its employees were surrounded by lovable kittens and affectionate rescues, their productivity increased significantly, and their employees were a lot less stressed out. Being able to play with the animals, focus on their daily tasks, and cheer up instantly when an adorable cat snuggled into their laps makes for an exciting and fulfilling workday – something that you just don’t get in a bland, gray cubicle surrounded by silence.The IT company even compensates its employees when they rescue, adopt a cat to care for, or find homes for the cats – a whopping $42 for each cat saved. Many of the cats are brought to the office everyday, napping on the copy machine and snuggling against anyone who has a vacant lap. Other cats live there permanently.Many of the employees work extremely long hours and aren’t able to keep a cat at their home for fear that it would be neglected. The cats are given free range in the office and have a nice, cozy life inside of the building.

The company makes it very clear that anyone who wants to work for them must have a love and tolerance for cats, and not have a problem with allergies due to the fact that the kitties are everywhere all of the time.

Not surprisingly, people are really excited to work there! Would you work in an office that boasts 9 office kitties?!

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