This Company Charges $31,000 To Create A Unique Name For Your Baby

A lot of people nowadays want their newborn’s name to be unique, so naturally they search with Google!
Unique baby names have been Googles about 26,000,000 times!

Celebrities are always coming up with some crazy cool names. Some of you might say the names are bizarre but others think they’re simply awesome!

Nicolas Cage – Baby Name: Kal-El
Bob Geldof and Paula Yates- Baby Name: Fifi Trixibelle
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris – Baby Name: Apple
Kanye and Kim West – Baby Name: North
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – Baby Name: Maddox
Some parents want a unique name that is so unique NO ONE else has it! That’s where the Swiss company, Erfolgswelle, comes into the picture. This company is a team of name developers, historians, and legal name experts!




$31,000 may seem a bit absurd for a name, right!? How hard can choosing a name be? Let’s see what you’ll get in return for all that cash.

The owner and CEO of Erfolgswelle, Marc Hauser, told BuzzFeed Life, “We follow a creation process that takes around 100 hours”.f9075f75ae918d70adb03e7b30dd0dc94b695c7296bb6f642ca901a8e33b05ba

On Erfolgswelle’s website it states that these are the services included in name-finding,
“-Checking of the first name in the 12 most frequently-spoken names in the world (5.4 million people speak one of these languages).
-Derivation of the name from etymological and phonetic points of view.
-We develop a credible new history and mythology around the new name.
-You receive a scientific certificate from the naming center of the University of Leipzig.”

“Can you claim that you are the first person with your name? We can’t either. However your child will be able to claim precisely this pioneering role for him- or herself. For all time!”Erfolgswelle

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