This College Wanted Their Logo On A Huge Water Tower. The Typos Were SO Embarrassing!

It doesn’t look particularly good when a college – a place that most people associate with “excellence” – ends up making huge spelling mistakes that can be seen for miles. Of course, people make mistakes…but whoever was in charge of creating this logo is probably feeling pretty dumb right about now!

For a project this large, you would think that the image would be approved by several people before being sent off for printing. And if not, that the people doing the printing would catch the mistake before it got so big.Even the mayor chimed in to poke fun, saying that “consistent branding is crucial” and approved of changing the website to match the water tower!

The city’s mistake instantly went viral, and students are now using “Wichita Staty Universite” instead of “WSU,” which just adds to the hilarity. They’ve already started printing off t-shirts and mugs with the misspelled logo for nostalgia’s sake.

It only took a few hours for the city to send out a crew to correct the mistake, but not before hundreds of people snapped pictures and had a good laugh!

Things happen, people drop the ball, universities end up as the punch line to a joke, but other students are excited about the publicity. If it means more students will be interested in the school, it might mean bigger things in their futures, too!

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