This Clueless Dad’s Adorable Baby-Outfit Mistake Is Hilarious! He Had No Idea!

Brooke and Jeremy have the same routine every morning. She wakes up and takes care of 7-month-old Olivia, feeding, changing, and dressing her, while he wakes up and takes care of 6-year-old Brady. If Brooke isn’t able to dress Olivia, she will leave an outfit laid out on the bed for Jeremy to do it, instead.

But on this particular morning, Brooke had a job interview and completely forgot, leaving Olivia in the care of her husband. He was a grown man and knew how to pick out clothing for a baby, so she didn’t worry too much about it and focused on her day.

When she went to pick Olivia up from daycare, she burst into laughter. It turned out that her grown husband did not, in fact, know how to pick out clothing for a baby! Her adorable baby greeted her in this hilarious outfit, completely unaware that something was missing! She texted him immediately and got this funny explanation:
7.1a1It turns out that the other moms at daycare thought it was cute, too! Everyone got a laugh out of it that day! She took a few more pictures of her happy baby and posted her husband’s fashion sense online. The post was shared over 30,000 times by parents who had a story to tell of their own! 7.1a2

It seems that dads everywhere don’t really mind what their kid wears – as long as they have clothing on. It doesn’t need to match or make sense – they are kids! It’ll probably just get dirty in a few hours anyway, right? Too cute.

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