This Clown Motel Is The Stuff Of Nightmares…(Unless You Love Clowns!)

If you happen to be looking for a place to stay in Tonopah, Nevada, look no further than the Clown Motel! They boast clean rooms, dish tv, and pets are welcome. What more could you want, right?

Did you say hundreds of clown figurines?! Then you’ve come to the right motel!
They are everywhere. Always watching. From the corners, from the ceiling, from the floor, from the shelves, and even from the door knockers. They see all.

It’s a cool creepy place in a cool creepy town. I loved it.” As one review described it.

For an average price of $40 per night, what more can you really expect? But that isn’t even the creepiest part…It sits right near a cemetery, which many people claim is actually haunted. It is over a hundred years old, so if you’re in the mood to chat with old-timey ghosts, this is the place to go…we guess.Eek.

Have you ever been to this motel? (But for real, is that cemetery actually haunted?!)

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