This Clever Way To Decorate Ugly Plastic Chairs Will TRANSFORM Your Patio In No Time At All!

These inexpensive plastic chairs are a favorite when it comes to outdoor patio furniture. We don’t mind if they get ruined by rain or bad weather as we can easily replace them when they crack from being out in the sun for too long. While we can put up with the slightly-uncomfortable nature of the chairs, we don’t have to put up with how they look. Plain and distracting, it is actually fairly easy to make them match any decor you have lying around!

You’ll need mod podge (or any outdoor varnish), paper napkins, and scissors. Choose colors and designs that fit with your current theme…or start from scratch! Start by cutting out the designs.
9-8a17Place the cut-outs onto the chair (you can paint it beforehand if it has started to fade) and press them on with the varnish. Allow each one to dry before attempting to layer any other designs on top.9-8a16You could cover every inch of the chair with these paper cut-outs, but the final look is up to you! She decided to do an entire set of these chairs. The matching designs quickly made guests forget that they were sitting on regular plastic chairs!

9-8a15Would you spend the time to do this with your old patio furniture? You might even add a few weather-proof pillows to spice them up even more! The final design is up to you – and with so many designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your tastes! See more details here.


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