This Clever Girl Writes A Letter From “Dad” To Discover Her Present! Too Cute!

As an adult, getting a rare chunk of free time to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon is like an unexpected gift. Our lives are constantly full of things that need to get done. Whether its preparing for meetings, scheduling the kids’ activities, or just running an endless amount of errands, there is always something that we should probably be doing instead of taking a nap.

But one mom found herself with a few spare hours and nothing left to do before dinner time. She decided to take a nap…there was only one problem! Her daughter was home.

She asked her husband look after the little girl, who decided to tackle the situation in an unconventional way. He bribed her with an unspecified “surprise” if she stayed quiet until mom woke up from her nap.

Mom woke up to this note from “dad” and couldn’t stop laughing! He posted it online, and everyone is talking about it!

In case you can’t make it out, it reads:

“Dear Wife what Did you get Lily for a suprise again. I forgot. Please Reply here _______ Love: Don”

Hey, there aren’t too many spelling errors! I think she did a good job!


For anyone wondering, I am Don…the surprise was Reese’s sticks by the way.”

While a lot of parent are chuckling at the child’s devious plan, a few want to know what these parents did about their daughter’s deceptive tactics. Is a punishment in order? The parents haven’t said anything one way or another, but some folks think their daughter needs to be scolded for her actions at the very least.

If anything, it was a cute thing to do…if a little bit sneaky!

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