This Chiropractor Swears That An ANGEL With Severe Pain Walked Into Her Practice!

Jessica Scarratt walked (as well as he could manage) into her chiropractic office on a weekday and asked about her pricing. He said that he was dealing with extreme lower back pain, but he needed a week or so to gather up enough money for treatment. She didn’t think much of it, and was surprised to see him a week later, arriving thirty minutes before his appointment time. He was nice and respectful, but told her that he had been dealing with his pain for over 3 years.

Doctors turned him away because he didn’t have insurance or a way to pay for treatment, but his pain had gotten so bad that he couldn’t wait any longer. Scarratt asked him to get up on the table so that she could make an assessment…and that is when she realized the true extent of his pain.

He struggled to get onto the table, tears streaming down his face, apologizing for being loud and crying.

I started adjusting him and at first, he moaned with each drop of the table (bawling his eyes out in pain now), but said to keep going if it would help. Then, it started feeling better for him. I hooked him up to the electrical stimulation machine and told him to enjoy some relaxation. When I came back, he said, “Oh my goodness…this is the best I’ve felt in 3 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” He stood up and realized he could stand up STRAIGHT for the first time in 3 years.”8.1a10

He asked if there would be a follow up appointment, and she said that she wanted to see him the next day due to the severe level of pain he was enduring. He wasn’t sure that he could gather enough money in that time…

I gave him back his money and told him nothing. He looked so confused….I told him God was speaking to me so strongly and I wanted to bless him and he needs the money for food and that I just wanted to help him. He told me I didn’t know what this means to him and that he’ll find a way to pay me and told him to please not worry about it and just to pay me in hugs. He was in pure disbelief. We were ALL crying. We ALL felt this ‘God moment.’ He came back today with a huge smile on his face and a little kick in his step. He was so happy. He was on the road to recovery. His smile lit up my whole heart. We had gathered a box of snacks, a gift card for subway, and a card.”

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