This Child’s School Wouldn’t Let Him Take His Comfort Item To Class. The Bus Driver Did THIS.

Jasmine B. drives a regular route each day, but when one of her students began to have a hard time, she wanted to do something to help. You see, the school that the children attended had a strict policy against the kids bringing in stuffed animals. Mr. Bear, sadly, needed to be left behind.

The problem was that Mr. Bear was one of her student’s comfort item. When he got scared or nervous, being able to hold Mr. Bear made it easier to focus…and leaving the stuffed toy behind was heartbreaking.

So, Jasmine decided to get creative. She offered to “take Mr. Bear on adventures” that day while the student was at school. After one day, she told the student about the fun they had had together! They went shopping and drove around the city. The next day, she kept Mr. Bear again, and when her student got back on the bus, he wanted to know all about Mr. Bear’s day!

Every day, Jasmine thinks up new and exciting things that Mr. Bear was able to do while he waited for his best friend to be done with school. It no longer feels like “leaving him behind,” but rather is “going on an adventure.”

The child is excited to reunite with Mr. Bear each day, and Jasmine knows that even if it is just a small thing that she is doing to make the child’s day brighter…it is definitely worth it.

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