This Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Is Cleaning Up After The Hurricane In Glorious Fashion

When an off-duty police officer from the Miami-Dade Police Department spotted this nun on the side of the road, he couldn’t just drive past without stopping to find out what was going on. She was using a chainsaw on a large tree, and her story was inspiring.

Sister Margaret Ann was frustrated to discover that hurricane Irma had caused a huge tree to fall across the road, blocking traffic and causing accidents. When she witnessed a car spin out in the mud trying to get around the tree, she knew that she could do something to help – that was the motto of her school, after all.

Do what you can to help.”

She wasn’t familiar with the power tool, but the chainsaws were just sitting in a shed at her school and knew that they could be put to good use to help clear the road. Who knew when the city would be able to spare the man power to get it cleared up? So, she took a few hours out of her day and decided to tackle the monumental task on her own.

But she didn’t stop there! She went forward to help clear the neighborhood roadways where she could. Some concerned residents commented to say that she wasn’t handling the chainsaw correctly, but she got the job done and was happy to help.

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