This Cat Was “Too Playful” To Be Adopted. They Finally Figured Out His One Strange Quirk!

Rascal, a high-energy tuxedo cat, was found wandering the streets of Washington, cold and alone. He was taken off the streets and given to a local shelter where they immediately kept him caged. He was scared and didn’t like to be touched, and when another rescue group saw his “mugshot” from the shelter, they knew that they could help! They took him in and found him a nice kitty foster home…

But Rascal had quirks that other cats just didn’t have.

Rascal hated being caged, and when volunteers placed him inside of a crate, he wouldn’t eat. His foster home realized that although he didn’t like to be touched, he loved to play. He loved his freedom. As long as he was given space to move around, he was as happy as could be.This meant that while people were in love with his unique coat and beautiful eyes, many families just couldn’t handle a cat with loads of energy and a need for space. Volunteers at the shelter knew that if the right family didn’t find him, he’d never find a good home. He was too picky.

But eventually, one family knew that he was the cat for them. They accepted the fact that Rascal wouldn’t cuddle or rub against them, but they loved him anyway.

Now, years later, he has begun to sleep on their feet at night – a huge step forward! He finally found the perfect home!

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