This Cat Was Too Fat To Fit Into The Cages Of The Shelter…So They Found A CRAZY Spot!

This chubby cat was brought in to the Chatham County Animal Shelter as a stray…but it was clear that this kitty wasn’t having any problems finding a meal! Stray cats usually arrive on the thinner side, some severely malnourished and others having missed a meal or two. But for a cat to arrive at over 30 pounds and as a stray is extremely rare!

The volunteers weren’t sure if the cat had simply wandered too far away from home or if he had been living near an area where people didn’t mind feeding him regularly. They hoped that his owner might see his picture and come to claim him, but there is every chance that he really was just a stray. The cuddly cat was no stranger to humans and was begging for attention as soon as he was brought in…but there was one problem! The pens used to house their animals were too small for this cat. He was too hefty to relax comfortably, so the staff decided to place him in their break room until they could come up with a better solution. They locked him in the room and went home for the night. When they returned, they found that he had not only opened all of the cupboards in their kitchen, but had also claimed a spot to be his new home!

The shelter plans to keep him for a few days before putting him up for adoption…but plan to make sure his new owners will be able to help him out with a healthier diet moving forward!

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