This Cat Was Fired From His Library Job By The Heartless Council Of Fort Worth, Texas :(

The White Settlement Public Library of Fort Worth, TX had an unusual employee by the name of Browser. He had worked at the library for six years ever since he was adopted from a local animal shelter by the library staff. Mayor Ron White validated the cat’s presence by saying Browser was “hired” to take care of a rodent problem. Since that time, Browser has become a mascot for the library, but now he has just 30 days to vacate the premises and find a new place to live.

The picture below is from one of his annual fundraising campaigns. Each year, the library creates a calendar, dressing Browser up in costumes and posing him among the thousands of books housed at the library.6.29a10The Mayor opposed a decision made by the town council that animals would no longer be allowed in any public facility. But the Mayor is not done and hopes to overturn the decision.

He helps children read. Little children will come to the library and read to Browser.”

They are excited to visit the cat that lives in the library, and if one cat is enough to encourage young children to practice reading, it should be reason enough to let him stay. He has the support of the community, too. His email has been flooded by people who are upset with Browser’s removal. He has even gotten emails from people who don’t even live in his city.6.29a11It is reported that the town has gotten over 800 signatures to let Browser back into the library, and hopefully they succeed. I mean, just look at that face!

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