This Cat Received 2,000 Requests For Adoption After His Story Goes Viral

Ivan the cat was born without a few important bones, and that made his everyday life a little more complicated than the average cat’s. He wasn’t able to properly use a litter box and frequently had accidents when he couldn’t move fast enough. He loves to explore, but having to “army crawl” everywhere made him harder to accommodate. For this reason, his previous owner surrendered him and wished him the best.

The shelter shared his story and asked for help. If anyone was willing to put in a little extra work to care for Ivan, they knew that he could thrive with the right family! Ideally, a family with easy-to-clean flooring!After reading Ivan’s story, the shelter could barely keep track of the adoption requests flooding in! They weren’t simply from their city…adoption requests were pouring in from all over the world! People from Spain, Canada, Thailand, China, the U.K., and even Australia petitioned to be the forever family for Ivan…but in the end, there could only be one.

On the day that people were coming to visit Ivan, the people who weren’t chosen ended up adopting other lovable cats that lived at the shelter. Two of the shelter’s oldest cats, 15-year-old felines, were matched up with their own forever families along with every other cat at the shelter!

Ivan was sent off with his new family, and the shelter hopes that his story inspires thousands more for years to come!

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