This Cat Lived At The Shelter For 10 Years As Person After Person Overlooked Him Time And Again

Ten years in a shelter seems like a long time, but if it means finding your purr-fect forever human, was it worth it? The answer for one senior cat is probably a resounding ‘yes!’

When one woman visited her local animal shelter, she wasn’t quite sure what she was looking for. On a whim, she took a peek into the FIV+ room where the cats that would need a little extra care in their lives had been living. That’s when she met Benny.

She had gotten onto the floor to pet a smell kitten, but Benny instantly ran over to them to investigate. He gave her a sniff and climbed up onto her thigh, as if he’d belonged there all along.She asked about Benny and learned that the 11-year-old cat had lived at the shelter for 10 years now, getting overlooked every time someone new visited the cats. Even she had managed to overlook the orange and white cat! The volunteers at the shelter had let her in to visit the cats several times before but she had never met Benny before that visit.

She knew that he was the one! Now, Benny is 13 and is as happy as ever…even if he has no teeth! He loves snuggling and cuddling, and choosing his forever human that day has made a lot of people very happy!

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