This Cat Is A Thief. Instead Of Hiding It, His Owners Are Asking For Help!

The next time you swear that you’ve washed matching pairs of socks and can’t find one, remember that this cat exists.

These cat owners discovered something horrifying when they were getting ready to move. Pulling a bag out of a place her cat liked to hide “treasures,” his human found dozens of male underwear and socks. Not pairs of socks, though. Single socks. The bane of our dryers and laundry hampers.

Their cat had been ruining people’s lives, one sock at a time.

Most people wouldn’t notice if a few pairs of underwear disappeared now and then…but we definitely notice when a sock goes missing! Their cat had stolen so many items that they felt the need to post a notice in the community newspaper!


You’ll be please to know we are moving…”

Just look at this little jerk, sitting on his throne of stolen comfy things. He doesn’t even care one bit. This is the exact reason that many people don’t like cats, buddy.

Is your cat a thief? The next time you find a hidden stash of items, you may want to alert the neighbors! I can’t get over this cat’s deadpan expression. “Yes, human. I have acquired a large empire. I am the ruler of this hoard. You may photograph my success.”

This is hilarious! I can’t stop laughing!

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