This Cat Crossed A Dangerous Mountain Range To Get Back Home. His Journey Is Epic.

The Flitton family first spotted a cat at the County Fair. Four years ago, they named her ‘Mittens,’ but after taking her to the vet to get fixed, the vet simply said “this is a boy.” But it was too late, the name had stuck.

Mittens came and went as he pleased, hunting mice and voles – sometimes even small rabbits – and the family had no problem letting him out everyday…but one day, he didn’t return. 11-28a6

They knew that Mittens had a favorite lounging spot: the family boat. Mr. Flitton swore that he chased the cat away that day, but evidently, Mittens sneaked his way back on without notice. Mr. Flitton had taken the boat for repairs in Salt Lake City…4o miles away.

They called the repair shop, but it was too late. They had spotted the cat under another boat, “mewing like crazy,” but they didn’t realize it was the Flittons’ cat. Before they could coax the cat back, another cusotmer’s dog scared Mittens, who ran away into the nearby Wasatch Mountains – a range of rugged terrain, sharp peaks, and a height of 12,000 feet.11-28a8

The Flittons made their peace and mourned the loss of their cat.

Unbelievably, the family received a call from a vet in Park City, over 30 miles away, four months later. Although Mittens had lost a lot of weight and had injured his feet, he had conquered the Wasatch Mountains, surviving with his hunting skills and sheer determination to make it home.

It’s great to know that he knows who we are and that he loves us and wants to be with us,” Mrs. Flitton said. “That much to cross the mountains, anyway.”

Now, Mittens prefers to experience nature from the safety of the living room, watching things through the window. He has gained all of his weight back (and more!) and enjoys sleeping on the couch instead of boats. He’s had quite enough adventure for one lifetime.


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