This “Carer” Is Annoyed That The Important Role Is Paid Minimum Wage, And She Has The Perfect Response

Jessica Gentry is a Carer in the UK, but her complaint has been heard and echoed around the world by caregivers, CNA’s, and others in the field. The trying job of caring for those who cannot care for themselves, dispensing medication, and seeing to the needs of the elderly is paid a very low wage, and she thinks that society as a whole needs to step it up. She and many others feel that we should care a lot more about the people who care for others, and she wants their voices heard.

Each case is allotted on 20 minutes, and she doesn’t think that it is enough time at all.

So tonight I stayed with a man waiting for an ambulance to come suspected stroke, helped a lady down some stairs she should not have been near, gave about 15 lots of medication, helped a man being sick and supported his wife to make it easier for her, made about 25 cups of tea, 14 slices of toast, locked 17 doors, shut about 50 lots of curtains, checked heating would come on through the night so they were not cold, reassured patients with dementia for the sh*t 20 minuets we get.”

Spoke to 17 elderly people most alone and yearn for human contact and conversation and all while driving around skidding in the white stuff looking after YOUR families and they call us JUST carers. Come on Teresa May surely we should be on more money than minimum wage, Only a sister in a ward can give medication but because of money you will allow carers to give medication who have an average of 4 hours training, the list goes on. Respect our oldies ?? peace.”

Teresa May is the current British Prime Minister of the UK, and Jessica hopes that more people will fight for the rights of carers working with the sick and elderly. Many people have commented on her words, stating that their own parents and friends depended on their carers for everything, and the fact that “ball players get paid millions while the people who really matter make minimum wage is just sick.”

Do you agree?

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