This Candle From KFC Smells Exactly Like You Think It Does

Mmmm…the holidays! Twinkling lights, decorated homes, gingerbread houses…and fried chicken?! While most people prefer to use pumpkin or apple-cinnamon as a scent in their home to welcome friends and family, others think it would be an even better idea to make their home smell like fried chicken. Yes, an actual candle has been created by KFC in New Zealand that smells like fried chicken.

What better way to light up your nights than with a limited edition KFC Scented Candle!” The team wrote on Facebook.12-6z6However, the candle is limited edition and they have chosen to send them only to people who participated in a contest. In order to get their hands on a candle, people had to comment on the promotion and suggest another KFC-scented item of their own.

One of the winning entries?

KFC stamps…’cause the Colonel always delivers.”

Hey, if nutmeg and peppermint are too “traditional,” leaving your home smelling like 11 herbs and spices might just be the next best thing. People are claiming that KFC should actually sell these in the stores because they swear they would buy them all year round.

As…appetizing as that sounds, we’re not so sure.

Would you buy a KFC fried chicken candle? And if so, would you burn it during the holidays?! We really, really want to know.


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