This Bus Driver Wrote A Note To Parents When She Witnessed Their Kids Do Something Unexpected

A New Jersey bus driver witnessed something so shocking on her bus one morning that she just had to write a note home to mom and dad. She was stunned when two siblings befriended a boy named Jackson, who needs extra time to walk to the bus, climb the steep steps, and make it into his seat. While other children stare or whisper behind his back, Jorge and Annaliese help him instead.

This is the letter that she typed out to send home one day after school:11-16a1The sweet gestures of the siblings had been noticed by more than just Jackson, the boy who struggled to walk every day, their actions had been noticed by the bus driver as well. And now that the parents have decided to share her kind letter with the world, thousands of people are touched by the children and their upbringing.

Caring about others is what we should all strive for. Making the most out of our lot in life can be hard on our own, but when there is a “Jorge and Annaliese,” it can make our days just a bit brighter. A smile, holding the door open for someone else, paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line…it all adds up. Even if it is just a small bit of kindness, it can help to make life worth living.


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