This Burger Joint Is Offering Healthy Options For FREE On Their Menu! No, It’s Not What You’re Thinking…

Sitting down to lunch at a place that sells burgers, fries, and chili cheese dogs, not many people look for the “healthy options” section on the menu. If you go to a place like this, you know what you’re eat, and you don’t expect it to be anything less than 1,000 calories! But this restaurant added in a healthy-choices section anyway.

The decision to make healthy choices for every meal can take its toll after a while. A week of grilled chicken with spinach is great for your body, but difficult for your soul…a warm and crispy basket of fried pickles just sounds so much better! Nevertheless, many restaurants tack these options on for people who are much more dedicated to their diet than I will ever be…

Although, after looking at their menu, I’m fairly certain it was only added because they had extra space on the menu!


Hey, technically, these options are offered free of charge! While they may offer a few salads, these options are much smarter choices for the healthy lifestyle! For the rest of us, I’m sure we’ll be content to order extra fries with our burgers and a side of onion rings. Hey, why not toss in a nice, cold root beer float to top it all off!

A few more seconds of looking at this menu and I might have to take an early lunch!

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