This Building Is So Generic, People Want To Know If It Might Be Fake

Is it a government conspiracy? Is it really a medical building? Isn’t that what they would call it if they wanted us to think it was real?! What’s going on in there?! Once the image hit social media, the conspiracy theories began to float around, and they are too perfect.

Where should I go for my Legitimate Medical Procedure? The address is 12345?”

Right. That is totally believable. Just take a look at it…it’s too suspicious.

The running joke surrounding the image is that it sounds like someone that got caught lying in a job interview.

“Where do you work, oh, the Medical Building? What’s the address? 12345? Oh, is it also a Surgery Center? No, no…we’ll call you…”

It turns out to be a part of the South County Urological medical center, but the building on its own is just so suspicious! Some still refuse to believe that it is an actual, legitimate building. Who knows, at this point!

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