This Brother’s “Christmas Gift” Came With WAY Too Many Strings! Talk About Family Drama!

When Morgan Svobodny exchanged gifts with her family on Christmas Eve, she did not expect the elaborate prank that her brother had pulled on her. The holidays should have been about peace, family, and appreciating the special people in their lives…instead, Morgan opened this card from her brother and immediately became excited. If her gift was “sitting in the driveway,” it was probably something BIG!

As soon as Morgan saw the car (with a big red bow) on the driveway, she knew not to get too excited. Her brother had played pranks on her before…but never like this!

When she got into the car, she found written instructions that proved the “gift” was indeed too good to be true.

I picked this vehicle up at Enterprise. It’s a rental and needs to be returned by 5:00pm on Monday. The bill has NOT been paid yet so all I ask is that you please pay the bill using your debit card when you return the vehicle. I’ve spent a lot of money purchasing gifts for all the other family members, and because of that, I’m a little short on cash at the moment. Obviously I’m not going to make you pay for the Christmas gift I’m giving you, so, enclosed in the envelope, I’m giving you nearly $90 worth of Applebee’s and Subway gift cards that I’ve acquired over the years which you can have in exchange.


People were stunned that a brother could do this to a sister!
…But Morgan wasn’t! Her brother did zany things like this all of the time! For a laugh, there wasn’t much he wouldn’t do. People told her that she should just drop the car off in his driveway and let him deal with it later.

Hey, at least she had some sweet gift cards!

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