This Broke College Student Couldn’t Afford Dental Care…So He Decided To Straighten His Teeth WITHOUT The Help Of A Professional!

Amos Dudley had a problem that many Americans face today: misaligned teeth, and no way to get them fixed without going into serious debt.

Braces are expensive and painful, and in many cases, aren’t exactly necessary. Some teeth need only a slight adjustment to be “perfect,” but at staggering prices┬áranging from $3,000 to $8,000, many people decide that it just isn’t worth it. After all, you could buy a used car at those prices. Or pay off a credit card. Or chip away at a student loan.

As a college student, Amos was no stranger to tight budgets. At 24-years-old, the New Jersey Institute of Technology student was looking for alternative ways to fix his teeth.

“They weren’t awful, but they were crooked enough to make me self-conscious. I wasn’t smiling, and it was because I was unhappy with my teeth.”3.21a1


He decided to try out the school’s 3-D printer. He scanned his teeth, printing a model and mapping the progression that he’d like his teeth to follow.


He planned to use 12 sets of invisible braces out of non-toxic plastic. By creating the models of his teeth, he was able to print out 12 sets of braces.

This is the same process used by many orthodontists. After all of his hard work, the entire process only cost about $60. Compared to the $8,000 this could have possibly cost, I’ll bet that many people will minor adjustments might start trying this out in the future!


“There’s not enough competition, and prices are very high.” He has a point! Hopefully his methods will help to shape the future of the dental industry – or at least scare them into lowering their prices!

Many people have asked if he could do this for them. Unfortunately, he says that he won’t be able to. Not only would it be too much of a liability, he isn’t a licensed medical professional. But hey, it worked for him! And his smile looks great!

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