This BRILLIANT Invention Just Might Save Your Horse’s Life – And Yours Too!

In some states, horses are almost as common to see on the roads as cars, and in the daytime, drivers have no issues navigating the roads safely to share with our equestrian friends! However, much like a jogger or biker needing reflective clothing at night to be spotted on dark roads, horses and their riders have encountered the same issues.

There isn’t much in the way of traffic laws or lights specific to riders on horses. For Sami Gros, this became all too clear when a car struck her while she was riding her favorite horse. Instead of getting angry, she decided to make a change! She vowed to come up with a solution that would prevent this type of horrible accident from happening in the future!


Reflective wear just wasn’t cutting it. She decided to invent her own way of alerting drivers to their presence. She calls them, “Tail Lights.”


This is made of LED light strips and a washable tail wrap that is comfortable for the horses and makes them easily visible in the darkest of conditions. What’s even better? The LEDs can be programmed to change colors, and the strips can recharge in a few hours, making them reusable! Most customers report that they only need to charge the lights once per week.


This is a fantastic idea, and these need to be widely available for people who ride their horses after dark! Staying safe on the road should always be a priority!

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