This Bride Had A Special Surprise For Her Groom That Left EVERYONE In Tears!

Jaquie lost the ability to walk after a traumatic accident that broke her spine. For 8 years, she lived in a wheelchair. She didn’t know if she would ever walk again, but she knew that she had to try. It would be a long, painful process, but she felt that she owed it to herself to try. When she and her fiance decided on a wedding date, she had a new goal: to walk down the isle on her wedding day.8.10a15For over a year, Jaquie worked her hardest in physical therapy, building the strength in her legs and spine. It was hard work, but she never gave up. She continued to try her best, putting everything into her therapy…and when the big day came, the guests were speechless with excitement.8.10a17Her new husband, Andy, was so proud of his new wife. Watching her overcome a huge challenge was inspiring, and all eyes were on the beautiful couple as they shared their first dance.8.10a14The entire room could feel the love!8.10a16As a special surprise, Jaquie’s mother hired I Am Not Maggie, an artist that would attend the reception and paint a portrait of their first dance in real time! Jaquie had wanted to hire the artist, but knew that it wasn’t in the couple’s budget. When the bride saw the artist in the room, she cried from joy!8.10a13The artist even added the couple’s 5 pets into the portrait, hiding them around tables and between chairs for a truly special touch!

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