This Bride Didn’t Have Any Bridesmaids…So She Asked Her Best Guy Friends To Step It Up!

Rebeca Sinohara, a 24-year-old bride from Brazil wanted to do a bridal photoshoot the week before her wedding. The only problem? She didn’t have any female friends.

Part of the reason is that Rebeca is an engineering student, and in a classroom of 56 guys and only 4 girls, she didn’t spend much time with other women.

Of course I have girlfriends from childhood and high school but we are not as close as before, and there are some girls that I lived with in shared housing during university, but none of them I became BFFs with,” she said.

So, instead of taking pictures with her bridesmaids putting on makeup and doing their hair, she gathered her five closest friends and proposed a wild idea: a bridal photoshoot in pink robes for a day of pampering and drinking with best buddies. Of course, they said yes immediately!

When the bride doesn’t have any girlfriends, it’s time to call her bros. This is what happens to a girl in Computer Engineering.” She captioned the photo album on Facebook.

It was supposed to be a small gathering with pictures being taken on a cell phone, but when her makeup artist realized what she was planning to do, he took it all to the next level! Her then-fiance was also there to have fun and even helped to plan some of the shots. The group of friends were happy to come together and make her day as special as possible, and they never expected the photos to be so popular.

The pictures were supposed to be only for us, to keep as a good record.” She wrote.

Thankfully, they did, and now we can all enjoy them!

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