This Bride Decided To Use PUPPIES Instead Of Bouquets! Her Reason Is Perfect!

Matt and Sarah have always had a deep love and respect for dogs, and when they started planning their wedding, they knew that they wanted to somehow incorporate that passion into the celebrations. They had an idea, and it is being shared more quickly than they could ever imagine!

Sarah asked the bridal party if they would help Pitties Love Peace, a nonprofit rescue organization, by posing with the puppies instead of floral bouquets. While other people may have been concerned about “accidents” from handling adorable puppies that haven’t been trained yet, the girls were more than happy to risk their dresses for a good cause!9-21a3The puppies weren’t taking part in the ceremony, but they have been included in a “snapshot” of the wedding. Matt and Sarah hope that the pictures will not only help these pups get adopted, but also show off the fact that adopting pets is just as good as purchasing puppies from a pet store. 9-21a4In their daily lives, Matt and Sarah have three dogs of their own, but they also foster rescue dogs that need training, medication, and special attention. They want the viral photos to spread awareness to local shelters and animals currently up for adoption. They know that no everyone can foster dogs, but choosing to adopt from a shelter is so much more helpful than purchasing a dog that may have come from a puppy mill.

Would YOU substitute bouquets for puppies at your reception? The guests would LOVE it!


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