This Bride Can’t Believe Who Just Walked Up During Her Wedding Photo Shoot!

They were taking beautiful pictures in preparation for their wedding day. She was in her beautiful gown, he was in his handsome tuxedo…and Tom Hanks was in his running shorts!

He accidentally interrupted the couple’s photo session and introduced himself, offering to pose for a few pictures for the happy couple! They were big fans and it shows in every single picture! This little bride just can’t believe it! Elizabeth and Ryan had been taking pictures in New York’s Central Park when the man, himself, walked by!9-26a14She was already happy on her big day, and seeing an acting legend happy for her as well? Goodness, could this day get any better?9-26a15Yes! It could! With a dashing respect, Tom Hanks kissed her hand for good luck and wished the couple well in their new life together. 9-26a16The adorable trio quickly went viral and people everywhere are not shocked by Tom Hanks’ actions one bit. Almost everyone who has had the pleasure of running into him reports that he is just as kind as he seems in the movies. Have you ever been able to meet a celebrity? Were they just as you imagined they would be?


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