This Bride Broke The BIGGEST Wedding Tradition! Wait Until You See Her DRESS!

Sophie Cachia is bold, and her friends were not surprised one bit when they showed up to her 25th birthday party…only to discover that it was actually her wedding! Cachia wanted to celebrate her new life with her new husband in a way that reflected who they were as individuals and as a new family. They ate pizza and paella, and ditched the wedding cake in favor of an ice cream truck. I already love it!4.13a3

But what really stood out was her custom couture wedding dress…in a stunning shade of black! Designed with the help of Anthony Montesano from Signor Mont Couture, she saw her dream dress come to life!


Why did she choose black?

…because I wanted to.

Black is classic.

It looks good on just about everyone.

It’s bold, it’s sexy, it’s daring.

I find wearing black to be extremely striking, hence why it’s my go-to choice of colour to wear on any occasion.

And looking at these photographs proves her point. She is the star of the show, and the intricate dress flatters every bit of her figure. Many people are criticizing her choice. They think that she’s only chosen the color black and a low-cut neckline for attention…


…a bride? Who wants attention on her wedding day?! Unheard of!

Her husband chose a paisley button-down, a maroon dinner jacket, and leather pants (well, jeans that looked like leather!) because it’s his wedding day, too! Why not look and feel your best?

While it may not be what others would have chosen, you have to admit that they make a stunning couple, and that dress is incredibly flattering…even if it isn’t a traditional shade of white!

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