This Boring Table Doesn’t Even Look The Same After These Upgrades!

You might already have purchased this little end table from IKEA, but one woman decided that she could make a few improvements on the design to better match her living room! The black frame with clear glass is simple and chic, but in some homes…it just doesn’t fit! The modern look doesn’t mesh with the design, and thankfully, she had the perfect idea! First, she picked up a roll of marble contact paper and covered up the glass.Next, she took the entire thing outside (minus the glass!) and sprayed it with a shiny metallic spray paint. This is the part that makes the project so versatile. You can paint the frame in any color that fits into your decor – silver, matte, shiny, or textured – it will blend perfectly! After everything has dried, return the glass to the frame and display the table in your home!This table is wonderfully trendy, and the opaque glass fits the room better than the see-through plate of glass that used to be there. The golden paint adds a bit of class to the room and we just love the change!Do you have any furniture that could use a simple upgrade? Making old pieces of furniture look new is a lot easier than it sounds. Do a bit of research and see if you can give your living room a makeover! You can see more details on this project here!

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