This Blue Dog Is VERY Real, And The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking. What’s Worse? He’s Not Alone.

At first, people thought this was some sort of prank. A group of stray dogs, eventually totaling in at 11, were spotted out on the streets after having turned blue. Who would take the time, energy, and resources to dye the coats of stray dogs? It seemed insane, but locals had a strong suspicion that the dogs were turning blue due to pollution from a local factory. The manufacturing company hadn’t been following laws regarding the dumping of their waste and runoff. It meant that the company, for some unknown amount of time, had been dumping their unfiltered and untreated waste and dyes into the local river. They were also linked with air pollution in the area, and thanks to the emergence of the blue dogs, authorities were able to shut down the plant quickly.

The chemicals and waste had affected animals, plants, birds, and fish due to getting rid of their waste in the river, ruining the water supply and harming the people in the area.

Thankfully, besides sporting bright blue coats of fur, the animals were otherwise unharmed!

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