This Blonde Was Offended By A Comedian, And When She Speaks Up, Leaves The Audience In Tears!

Speaking in public has never been something that I can do easily. I have never liked the attention of being “on stage” or the focus of everyone in the room. If something like this had happened to me at a public show, I probably would have just stayed quiet, written a letter to the management, or even got up and walked out instead of drawing attention to myself. Sure, I might be more inclined to stick up for someone else if the situation called for it or someone was being harassed, but if it was to defend myself? I probably wouldn’t have done what THIS woman did…


…Alright, maybe she walked right into that one. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had been a part of the act all along – you know how comedians set up jokes? I think this was a set up. There is no way that she could have thought that puppet was real

Have you seen this bit performed at a show before? Maybe the joke was different, but I’ve heard of this story. It still cracks me up every time! Although I do applaud her for sticking up for herself in a room full of people.

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