This Blind Man Was Struggling To Carry His Meal, His Drink, And His Cane. A Good Samaritan Helped Out!

It happens too often, and it has been around since forever: someone needs help, and while there may be a lot of people surrounding them, no one moves to help. It’s why you are supposed to point to one specific person and ask for something specific, not “someone help me!” Because more often than not, no one will, expecting someone else to do it instead.

Courtnie witnessed this in action when a blind man was struggling to get a drink from the drink fountain…and everyone else was just standing around, watching him try not to spill everything onto the floor.

I’m in line at Costco’s food court and my hands are completely full with food, my wallet, phone and keys when I see this blind man struggling.

He had his food in one hand, his cup clenched with his teeth and his seeing stick in his other hand. He was walking slowly trying not to drop anythinhg but at the same time trying to make his way to the soda fountain to get a drink. He seemed so overwhelmed as it was crowded, loud and hot. People were just staring at him like he was entertainment.

The teenagers in front of me were like, ‘look at him.’ Everything in me wanted to drop everything and help him; seeing as no one was. However I couldn’t leave my kids and things behind.

Then, out of nowhere this man in blue appears. He tells him, ‘hi, I’m here to help you.’ He proceeds to read the sodas off to him, fills it up with the man’s choice, takes his plate for him, lets the man hang onto him and walks him to a table in the shade. Then he cleans the table, gets him napkins and makes sure he’s OK.6.23a15

Afterwards, the man in blue proceeds to go back to his table to finish his meal. I don’t know who he was but when everyone else was just staring at the struggling man he stopped and took action.

Thank you man in blue. If you know who he is tell him he is awesome. We need more people like him.”

She wasn’t able to leave her kids to help, but she was at least to catch a snapshot of the #ManInBlue in action. She’d like for someone to find him, to thank him for his help. She doesn’t know who he was, but she thinks he is an everyday hero. I have to agree!

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