This Bizarre Coincidence Surrounding Adam Sandler Is Insane!

Apparently, Adam Sandler is still making movies. (Yeah, we didn’t know that, either!) In his latest endeavor, he plays a character named Max Kessler. People don’t really put too much emphasis on the name of a character…unless your name just so happens to be Max Kessler! The real-life Max Kessler was amused to see his name in the press, but his friends were baffled to realize that he looked exactly like Adam Sandler!

Side-by-side, the fake Max Kessler looks shockingly similar to the real Max Kessler. While there may be decades between them, the two share shockingly similar facial features. Even their facial expressions resemble the other!5.17a44

But it’s nothing new to Max. Back in sixth grade, a few classmates recognized the resemblance, and from then on, it stuck. So, when the new movie was announced and he realized that the character had his same name played by Adam Sandler, he posted his story online with the username, TheRealMaxKessler.5.17a45

Of course, it went viral…but a few hours later, Adam Sandler created an account just to comment and leave this image as a challenge:5.17a47

TheRealMaxKessler retaliated…5.17a48

And STUNNED the Hollywood star! He was invited to the movie’s premiere…5.17a49TheRealMaxKessler attended alongside Adam Sandler, and many people are joking that Max Kessler looks more like “Adam Sandler” than Adam Sandler does! That’s probably due to the age difference, but this was definitely an experience that he will never forget! Because seriously, what were the odds?!

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