This Beautiful Moment Went Viral Because Of The Woman’s Reaction In The Background!

Jessica Rodriguez and Chelsea Miller took a trip to The Art Institute of Chicago, but it was a random stranger in the background of their photograph that ended up making the picture even more special! Jessica’s friend, Ed Sanchez played the part of photographer, and when the marriage proposal began, he snapped dozens of pictures to capture each moment. While the entire event was romantic, the reaction of the woman sitting nearby was too touching not to share.

Whoever she is, we are so thankful of her pure reaction. She made our moment even more special. I don’t think we realized she was there. We were so nervous. We were going over the photos my friend Ed Sanchez took and we discovered that gem with her sweet reaction. It really made that photo even more special.” Jessica said.

They were a little nervous to post the photo online, but the outpouring of support blew them away!

We definitely were not expecting that, or the amount of people that gathered in the gallery to watch and clap for us. It has been quite shocking and something we are not used to. I think we are making progress in the world to be more accepting. We definitely appreciate that. We have loved every single sweet comment from around the world.” Jessica said.

Having now the right to marry is just so important and is a step to show that in this country we are making progress to see LGBT people as humans and not second-class citizens. We plan on having a family and want our children to grow up to feel equal.”

The picture has been shared hundreds of thousands of times around the world! But some commenters argue that there is something even better about this photograph that proves the two are a perfect match:

You know they’re soul-mates because they’re both the kind of people who would walk around a museum in heels like that.”

Too cute!

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