This Beautiful Chandelier Is EASY To Make At Home! She Used BEADS!

Not everyone can go out to a lighting shop and purchase a large chandelier for every room in their home, but thanks to this clever idea, you can make one yourself! This isn’t an ordinary chandelier, either! It’s made of wooden beads, making the finished piece a work of art that adds a bit of rustic and quirky charm to any room.

She started by using quilting hoops and hundreds of wooden beads in two different sizes. You can see the details here. She chose to use plain wooden beads, but if you decide to take on this task, you can choose any combination of colors and finishes.She strung her beads in a pattern that she thought would look nice and made sure that each strand was as even in length as possible. The entire chandelier would hang over a plain light fixture on the ceiling, so it would need to be level.When all of the beads were attached, she mounted it on the ceiling light and displayed her stunning creation! The simple yet elegant design fits nearly any decor and won’t break the bank. Would you try this out in one of the rooms of your home? You can find more details on this project here!

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