This Band-Aid Hack Is PERFECT For Your Finger Tip! No More Loose Bandages!

While bandages are important to keep out dirt and bacteria while a wound heals, getting a cut on a fingertip has got to be the most annoying place of all! Sticky bandages move around so much more on a fingertip and usually slide off within minutes of trying to put one on, and we usually abandon the idea after trying repeatedly to keep one in place for more than a day.

It starts by slicing each side of the bandage in half (but not cutting into the gauze) with sanitized scissors to prevent infection.After the sides have been sliced, place the bandage on the injured area and “criss-cross” the sides of the bandage starting with the lower parts.The lower parts are now overlapping. The next step is to do the same with the upper parts!And with those easy steps, you have now hacked a bandage to stay secured on your fingertip! This method works by creating extra tension along the sides of the bandage and will keep your bandage in place for longer!
If you learned something new, be sure to share this method with your friends! Never waste another bandage on your fingertip again!

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