This Bakery Has An Awesome Secret! More Businesses Should Do This!

A small bakery in Canada has a goal to help their community in a way that many businesses avoid. Mindful Mouthful bakes sweet and savory treats by employing uniquely-abled adults from the non-profit Clements Centre for Community Living in British Columbia. Currently, the bakery employs roughly 20 adults with different needs, which builds up their confidence as well as allows them to earn a living.The kitchen aims to teach everyone who works there valuable life skills about following workplace rules, teaching them to cook and bake, and manage their time and responsibilities.

At the moment, the kitchen receives wage subsidies from the Vancouver Foundation, but they predict that they will be self-sustaining in just a few more years. Their baked goods and savory meat pies are very popular, and the kitchen knows that it will be a success.

In the past, the adults were considered volunteers and weren’t able to be paid for their work, but as the news spread about what the kitchen was trying to do, more and more people got involved!

Making sure that all of the members of a community are able to work and earn a living is important, and Mindful Mouthful is a shining example of what can happen when people come together in order to help each other learn and grow.

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