This Animal Shelter Takes Its Adoptable Pooches Out For “Puppachinos” And They Are Too Cute!

Molly Clark loves Tuesdays, and so do the dogs who reside in the Kitsap Humane Society shelter! Every Tuesday, Molly takes one adoptable pup out for a special treat: the Puppachino at Starbucks. It is a little cup with a bit of light whipped cream inside, and the dogs love to lick the treat and enjoy the attention! They make sure to point out that there is no coffee in the “drinks,” and that the amount of whipped cream given to the pups is not harmful at all.

Molly chooses one dog to take with her on the trip and to feature on Kitsap’s Facebook page – and Starbucks helps out, too! 8.18a8If Molly chooses a dog that can’t make the trip due to a physical or mental condition, she’ll bring the Puppachino to them, and take them outside for a break from shelter life. Sometimes, she’ll take them to a quiet room for some one-on-one bonding time if the pooch isn’t able to be outside for any reason. No dog is excluded from the VIP treatment, and the exposure helps the dogs and others in the shelter to get adopted faster.
8.18a9Dogs over 50 lbs (and cats over 9 lbs) are free to adopt, (and maybe Pirate here could use a few less Puppachinos!) and they are also the hardest to re-home, so the Facebook posts help them to get their faces out there. 8.18a10Will you be asking for a Puppachino for your pooch? They absolutely love them!


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