This Angry Office Cat Disapproves Of Everything. Every Office Needs This!

Nothing motivates a person to work faster than an office pet. In the case of Pompous Albert, this is doubly true.

A Selkirk Rex, Pompous Albert was named after the equally-eccentric Albert Einstein and has found himself with quite the following online. With over 100,000 followers, Pompous Albert doesn’t mind posing for pictures with his signature glare! It doesn’t matter what angle he takes a picture from as just about every single one makes him look both annoyed and “so done with your garbage” at the same time. Even if he were to open his eyes just a little wider than “irritated scowl,” Pompous Albert still manages to look absolutely infuriated. Did he just smell something awful? Did a mouse get away? Has an evil villain just adopted him to help take over the world?

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Yes to all three options. Probably. Wouldn’t you work faster if this fluffy feline was glaring at you from the ground? People would probably do just about anything to keep him happy! Working faster in order to get a bit of downtime to try and cheer him up would be my only goal in life if he were my office cat.

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