This Amazing Barber Goes Above And Beyond To Help This Autistic Client!

A child’s first visit to the barber shop can be terrifying! The strangers, the loud clippers, the scissors, sitting still?! The horrors! For most children, the experience is unsettling and confusing. For a child with autism spectrum disorder, this trip can become impossible.

This is Mason Lewis, a young boy who was diagnosed at a young age. His parents were searching desperately for a barber who would be able to give their son a hair cut without traumatizing him. That’s when a family friend recommended James Williams, a barber who wouldn’t mind accommodating the needs of their son. Located in Wales, the family made the trip multiple times in order to help Mason become familiar with the place and the people inside. After several visits, Williams came up with a solution: he would just get on the floor, too!

With Mason happily lying on the floor, he didn’t mind that his new friend James laid next to him! In the previous attempts, Mason would run away from the scissors anytime they came close to his head. They figured this trick out, and Williams was happy to try it out! It worked! It took a long while for this to be successful, but I think that these parents don’t mind the drive to find someone who can help their child stay groomed in a peaceful environment.

Little Mason moved around, leaving a trail of hair behind him, but Williams followed along and never gave up! The game was a good distraction, and Mason’s familiarity of the space helped this hair cut to go relatively smoothly! It wasn’t perfect, but it was close enough to cause his parents to rejoice at the successful hair cut! When they posted the story on Facebook, no one expected it to go VIRAL! In less than a week this story has been shared with thousands of people who have been touched by the story. Some of these comments are just too sweet!


This story is amazing, and I hope that more and more people can learn about autism spectrum disorders without any stigma or prejudice. Accommodating the people who live with this disorder can be difficult, but it is not impossible! It just takes patience, understanding, and in William’s case, a little bit of creativity!

Do you have a story similar to this one? Having a child with special needs can be very difficult, but it makes it all worth while when even complete strangers can appreciate a beautiful moment like this one!

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