This Airline Crew Ran Into Problems When There Weren’t Enough In-Flight Meals For The Cabin…But Not The Problems That They Expected!

Airlines. We love to hate them, but the reality is they are a really convenient way to travel quickly from one place to another without spending a fortune on rental cars and gas. While they are convenient, being cooped up in a tiny space for hours on end is enough to drive anyone just a little bit crazy. For the longer flights, there is usually a meal served to keep everyone comfortable for the trip. In this case, someone made a mistake and they were missing over half of the meals that they needed for the flight! Their solution ended up being a HUGE mistake!


Can we be honest? I think we would all prefer a nice drink instead of airline dinners! Sure, snacks are nice and the dinners are decent enough to keep us full for a few hours, but the thought of an ice cold drink is just too tempting to pass up! I feel confident suggesting that dealing with a crowded and uncomfortable flight is 100% more bearable with a little bit of liquid courage in everyone’s hand! I don’t think this flight crew thought their solution all the way through! Free drinks vs. a lackluster airline dinner? That’s not much of a choice. At all.

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