This Adorable Teepee Is As Cozy As It Looks! She Built It In Only 10 Minutes!

Who doesn’t love a blanket fort? Many rainy days were filled with couch cushions being propped up and draped with every spare blanket in the house, and it made even ordinary activities seem magical somehow. With this creative little nook, you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing area to curl up with a book, give your pets an island of tranquility, or you may just give the kids a place to spend time that isn’t under your feet! Sounds like a win all around.While similar creations can be purchased for well over $150, it is much cheaper to make one yourself! She took four long pieces of wood that were six feet tall and arranged them in this position before wrapping each piece of wood and then securing them all with a sturdy length of twine. You don’t need to drill any holes or make any measurements – as long as the twine is tightly wrapped, the teepee will stand tall.Next, wrap a drop cloth or other large sheet around the top, leaving the opening to the front of the room. She kept a string of lights in place by using a thumbtack, but this will fly out if the lights are tugged on, so if you have small children, consider another method.The wood may slip if your teepee is on tile or wood floors, so keep it sturdy by wrapping the twine around each board before securing them all. All that’s left is to fill it with soft cushions and pillows! You can find more details here!

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