This Adorable Snowflake Ornament Is Too Easy. Wait Until You See How!

As the weather cools down, many of us try to find ways to pass the time indoors and away from the cold outside. Dissuaded from leisurely walks in the park or spending more time than we need to in the frigid temperatures leads people to get creative, and while some of us may snuggle in between plush couch cushions and turn our favorite show on, others decide to get crafty and share their discoveries with the world! One such crafter turned her attention to clothespins and ended up with the most adorable ornament!

The first step was to grab six clothespins and remove their metal springs. The second step was to glue them all together, flat-sides facing inwards. She chose one pair to “sandwich” a golden ornament string to hang it on a tree or wreath later.12-5z7She glued the pieces together with a strong glue and set them in the shape of a snowflake. Once everything was sturdy and dry, she moved on to the next step.12-5z8She painted the entire thing white. Once the paint dried, she added an additional layer of Mod Podge and couldn’t resist adding a generous coating of glitter! Now, the snowflake would reflect any light that touched it.12-5z9She says that these look great on a tree among the twinkling lights and equally festive on a wreath or in a window! What do you think of this easy project? We think it is adorable! You can find more details for this project here!

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