This Adorable Mongolian Lamb Stool Is A DIY Project Using IKEA Furniture!

A collection of unique wool-covered stools and ottomans began to permeate the interior design world for a good reason: they are comfortable and gorgeous! The thick, fluffy wool combined with a simple set of legs means that while it may look fabulous, the entire things is also extremely useful. Sitting on a hard stool isn’t fun. Sitting on a cushioned pile of fur makes all the difference!

One woman wanted to do it herself, and in true DIY fashion, gave us step-by-step instructions!

She started out with a regular stool from IKEA in a light pink shade. She measured the top of the stool and cut out a thick foam piece and a circular wooden board that would end up replacing the cheap stool’s seat.
Next, she glued the foam to the wood with strong glue and stapled a length of flannel over the entire thing to the underside of the board. The final step is to attach the mongolian lamb cusion cover to the entire creation. All that is left is to screw the base into place.While the initial purchase of the cushion cover is a bit pricey, being able to finish the project at home ends up saving quite a bit of money! Many crafters report that, while they didn’t use this specific wool, their own creations using different furs as a substitute turned out just as chic! What do you think of the project? You can find more information here.

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