This Adorable Fall Decoration Is So Easy, You Can Do It In Just 3 Steps! First, You Start With Open-Mouth Lids…

Decorating for Autumn can get pricey. Buying a pumpkin can cost a lot, let alone buying more than just one to decorate your front porch. People everywhere are looking for thrifty ways to make their homes feel “cozy” when the weather cools down, and this method is so shockingly simple that people are really excited about it! All you need are some canning lids (the kind with holes), spray paint, and a bit of twigs or cinnamon sticks. Yes, that’s all.

First, spray roughly 20 open lids (or any other circular lid with a hole in it) in a “fall” color. Burnt orange, brown, forest green, maroon or red, even cream! You get to choose this part based on they way you want your home to feel! If you plan to make more than one of these adorable pumpkins, just mix and match colors for a greater effect! Let them dry completely.
9-9a12Loop a string or piece of yarn through the lids and tie it tightly inside of the lids. Cut the string short so that the ends don’t hang out. Arrange the lids to form a circular shape.9-9a13For a finishing touch, add sticks of cinnamon to complete the “pumpkin” look and double as a scent for your home…or just simple add some twigs picked up from the back yard! Create as many as you like! If you already happen to have these lids lying around, what better way to use them?9-9a11 Find more details about this perfect festive project here.


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