This 9-Year-Old From Pakistan Just Became The Youngest Entrepreneur In The Country…And It’s All For Charity!

Zymal Umar was inspired to create “Zee Bags” – reusable bags made of recycled newspapers – when she was shopping with her parents one day and noticed how many plastic bags were being discarded and left on the ground. Even if people tossed the plastic bags into the garbage, she thought, it wouldn’t make a difference. The plastics would never break down, putting a strain on the environment. The thought of all of that pollution made her sad, but she witnessed something that got her thinking about what she could do to help.5.11a14

A store owner was handing out bags made out of newspaper for his customers to use instead of plastic, and it was the answer that young Zymal had been searching for.5.11a15

She came up with a way to easily create beautiful and unique shopping bags that wouldn’t destroy the environment if they were cast aside on the streets.

She began selling the bags and used the profits to buy essential items for underprivileged children and making contributions to charitable foundations.5.11a17

She loves to create the bags! She decorates them, using stones or flowers, and chooses pictures from the newspapers to display on the sides. Her parents fully support her endeavors, helping her to reach her goals.

Zymal has been awarded a gold medal from the Federal Secretary of Education in Pakistan, and the TIE award for the youngest entrepreneurship! Saudi Arabia has also recognized her efforts and received the Prince Abdul Aziz Award for Children Pioneers! 5.11a16

She plans to launch a website and mobile app to expand her business and wants to use this success to help her do more for the environment and other charities in need of help!

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